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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Camper van pricing is dependent on the vehicle that the conversion is applied to, but the standard starting build price is $29,500.

If you plan on having Geotrek source you a new or used van and complete your conversion, a good starting budget is $72,500 (van price + build price).

3-4 weeks for a standard conversion; customizations and additions add 3-5 days.

We offer both fully finished campervans and ready-to-build vans in our inventory. Additionally, we can source new vans to your specifications.

We offer a wide range of auto and RV financing options to best fit your needs, with lending terms up to 20 years. As an RVIA certified dealer, we ensure the highest standards of quality, reliability, and long term lending. Check out our Geotrek Guide PDF for more information on our financing terms.

We search for quality new and used vans all across the country and bring them back to our shop in Denver. This allows us to offer the best vans for the price. We also work with Mercedes-Benz to source new vans for build out.

Geotrek is proud to be an RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) certified builder. To achieve this certification, manufacturers must undergo random inspections, comply with over 500 safety codes, and inspections to ensure adherence to these standards. These codes encompass electrical systems, plumbing, brake lights, heating, fire safety, and other essential safety features. While one might expect these safety features to be standard, non-certified builders often omit them to cut costs. Key safety features include proper fire egress and roadworthiness.

As members of the RVIA, customers who purchase an RVIA-certified camper van can access financing from a broader range of lenders, including credit unions, resulting in lower payments. RV certification also simplifies the resale process by enabling prospective buyers to secure financing. Additionally, buyers will have greater confidence in their purchase, knowing the camper van was built to stringent RV codes. Bottomline, the RVIA sticker on your Geotrek Van represents our commitment to meeting the Association’s membership conditions. Even if your van is NOT RVIA certified, Geotrek will absolutely ensure your build is up to RVIA specifications, no exceptions. Connect with your Geotrek Representative to gain more information on how to benefit from an RVIA certified Geotrek Van.

Geotrek exclusively builds out of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 144 High Roof Cargo Van. If you want to confirm if your existing van is suitable for a Geotrek build, please reach out to our Geotrek team. Or, check out our pre-built and ready-to-build vans.

Our standard layouts are built for two passengers. Both of these layouts are customizable and can add the addition of jump seats that can allow for up to four.

Geotrek sources new Mercedes Sprinters according to your preferred specs, or select from our pre-owned inventory.

To provide affordable van options and fast conversion times, we offer two base build layouts with the option for additions. These base builds are customizable, allowing you to add seats and make other changes to suit your needs. As a bonus, you can select interior finishes and add any exterior or interior upgrades to meet your specific requirements.

Realizing your dream involves many important decisions, and our team is here to support you every step of the way. From finding the ideal van to securing financing and tailoring the build to fit your lifestyle, we’re here to assist you. The first step is to get in touch with us.

As a resource, check out our Geotrek Van Build Process to follow Geotrek’s van build requirements.

It all starts by getting in touch with our team. Submit the contact form, or call us directly.